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No, we can bring all of our classes to you (including our state of the art Firearms Simulator).

How much does the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit Course cost?


Do I need to have experience with a handgun before taking the Concealed Handgun Permit class?

It is recommended that you have basic experience with a handgun such as loading, unloading and shooting a handgun prior to taking this class.  If you have no experience with a handgun, please contact us and we can set up a 1 on 1 training session with an instructor to teach you prior to the class. 

How long does the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit class take to complete?

Approx. 7-8hrs comprised of classroom and range practice and qualification


How do I register for a class?

Contact our offices to register for or to request a class be scheduled.

Do you only offer classes in Norfolk, NE?

I don’t see a class specifically listed that I am interested in, do you do other classes?

We offer numerous classes in the areas of Firearms, Self Defense, Knife Defense, Tac-Med, Active Shooter, etc.  If there is something you are interested that isn’t specifically listed please contact us.  It is likely that we offer instruction in the course you desire.  

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